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Features of related ABC proteins provided a unique opportunity for emergence of novel channel function in CFTR by incremental evolution.


Excitation–Contraction Coupling

Jaque-Fernández et al. show that downregulation of CaV1.1 in muscle fibers elevates ATP release, whereas downregulation of Panx1 depresses depolarization-induced intracellular Ca2+ release. They conclude that Panx1 is a reciprocal partner of CaV1.1 for both excitation–contraction and excitation–transcription coupling.

Using single-channel recordings, Eldstrom et al. demonstrate that ML277, a relatively specific activator of KCNQ1 channels, enhances KCNQ1 single-channel kinetics. The data indicate that the pore effects of the drug are at least as important as its well-documented whole-cell gating actions.

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