ER-plasma membrane (PM) contacts are proposed to be held together by distinct families of tethering proteins, which in yeast include the VAP homologues Scs2/22, the extended-synaptotagmin homologues Tcb1/2/3, and the TMEM16 homologue Ist2. It is unclear whether these tethers act redundantly or whether individual tethers have specific functions at contacts. Here, we show that Ist2 directly recruits the phosphatidylserine (PS) transport proteins and ORP family members Osh6 and Osh7 to ER–PM contacts through a binding site located in Ist2’s disordered C-terminal tethering region. This interaction is required for phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) production by the PS decarboxylase Psd2, whereby PS transported from the ER to the PM by Osh6/7 is endocytosed to the site of Psd2 in endosomes/Golgi/vacuoles. This role for Ist2 and Osh6/7 in nonvesicular PS transport is specific, as other tethers/transport proteins do not compensate. Thus, we identify a molecular link between the ORP and TMEM16 families and a role for endocytosis of PS in PE synthesis.

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