Transverse tubule (TT) membranes isolated from chicken skeletal muscle possess a very active magnesium-stimulated ATPase (Mg-ATPase) activity. The Mg-ATPase has been tentatively identified as a 102-kD concanavalin A (Con A)-binding glycoprotein comprising 80% of the integral membrane protein (Okamoto, V.R., 1985, Arch. Biochem. Biophys., 237:43-54). To firmly identify the Mg-ATPase as the 102-kD TT component and to characterize the structural relationship between this protein and the closely related sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) Ca-ATPase, polyclonal antibodies were raised against the purified SR Ca-ATPase and the TT 102-kD glycoprotein, and the immunological relationship between the two ATPases was studied by means of Western immunoblots and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA). Anti-chicken and anti-rabbit SR Ca-ATPase antibodies were not able to distinguish between the TT 102-kD glycoprotein and the SR Ca-ATPase. The SR Ca-ATPase and the putative 102-kD TT Mg-ATPase also possess common structural elements, as indicated by amino acid compositional and peptide mapping analyses. The two 102-kD proteins exhibit similar amino acid compositions, especially with regard to the population of charged amino acid residues. Furthermore, one-dimensional peptide maps of the two proteins, and immunoblots thereof, show striking similarities indicating that the two proteins share many common epitopes and peptide domains. Polyclonal antibodies raised against the purified TT 102-kD glycoprotein were localized by indirect immunofluorescence exclusively in the TT-rich I bands of the muscle cell. The antibodies substantially inhibit the Mg-ATPase activity of isolated TT vesicles, and Con A pretreatment could prevent antibody inhibition of TT Mg-ATPase activity. Further, the binding of antibodies to intact TT vesicles could be reduced by prior treatment with Con A. We conclude that the TT 102-kD glycoprotein is the TT Mg-ATPase and that a high degree of structural homology exists between this protein and the SR Ca-ATPase.

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