The degradation rates of kidney rRNA labeled before UNI or sham are unchanged 5 days after the operations (t one-and-a half, 88 h). Therefore, there is no contribution from pre-existing rRNA to the increased amount of rRNA in the stimulated kidney. After labeling with L-(methyl-3H)methionine, the kinetics of incorporation into rRNA precursors, 10-60 min and at the postoperative times of 4, 16, 36, and 96 h. The specific activity of cytoplasmic rRNA after 1-h labeling with L-(methyl-3H)methionine increased occured at 4 or 96 h. Since (a) the rate of degradation of rRNA, (b) the kinetics of incorporation and processing of rRNA precursors, and (c) the rate of RNA synthesis appear unchanged after UNI, the accretion of rRNA must involve decreased degradation of newly synthesized rRNA.

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