Preincubation of Swiss 3T3 cells or human fibroblasts with purified platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) at 4 degrees C or 37 degrees C rapidly inhibits subsequent binding of 125I-epidermal growth factor (125I-EGF). The effect does not result from competition by PDGF for binding to the EGF receptor since (a) very low concentrations of PDGF are effective, (b) cells with EGF receptors but no PDGF receptors are not affected, and (c) the inhibition persists even if the bound PDGF is eluted before incubating the cells with 125I-EGF. PDGF does not affect 125I-insulin binding nor does EGF affect 125I-PDGF binding under these conditions. Endothelial cell-derived growth factor also competes for binding to PDGF receptors and inhibits 125I-EGF binding. The inhibition demonstrated by PDGF seems to result from an increase in the Kd for 125I-EGF binding with no change in the number of EGF receptors.

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