Cells from the spleen, thymus, lymph node, and liver of leukemic AKR mice suppress in vitro antibody responses of normal syngeneic and semiallogeneic cells. This suppression can be mediated by irradiated leukemic cells, requires cell contact between leukemic and normal cells, and may occur at any time during the in vitro culture period. Leukemic AKR cells do not suppress antibody responses of allogeneic cells, even when allogeneic cells have H-2 or background genes homologous with AKR. Leukemic cells do, however, suppress cells that are unable to respond allogeneically to leukemic AKR cells, such as cells of the F1s of AKR. Suppression of normal AKR antibody responses by leukemic AKR cells may be overcome by addition of irradiated allogeneic cells. The fact that leukemic AKR cells are able to suppress normal lymphocyte responses may be of significance in pathogenesis of leukemia in these mice.

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