B10.A(5R) mice (H-2i5), immunized with spleen cells from congenic B10 mice (H-2b), responded to alloantigens of the H-2Db region by producing antibodies of only IgM type. In contrast, they produced both IgM and IgG antibodies when immunized with noncongenic H-2b cells that carry other foreign cell surface antigens (non-H-2) in addition to H-2Db. A hypothesis was proposed comparing the H-2Db antigen on a congenic cell to a hapten on a nonimmunogenic carrier which fails to induce T-cell helper function responsible for the switch from IgM to IgG secretion in B cells. Data presented here confirmed this hypothesis. 5R mice rendered tolerant to the relevant non-H-2 antigens were unable to mount the anti-H-2Db IgG response in a noncongenic immunization. Tolerance induction did not lead to abrogation of the T-cell mediated cytotoxicity.

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