Human marrow megakaryocytes have been isolated with high purity and yield by processing marrow cells sequentially through density centrifugation and velocity sedimentation. Analysis of the isolated cells for various platelet-associated components by immunofluorescence demonstrated that fibrinogen, plasma factor VIII antigen (factor VIII:AGN) platelet myosin, platelet glycoproteins I and III are present on the membrane and in the cytoplasm of over 90% of marrow megakaryocytes. Parallel studies of human and mouse megakaryocytes and platelets for IgG receptor (FcR), complement receptor type one (CR1) (C3b receptor), complement receptor type two (CR2) (C3d receptor), and Ia antigen by fluorescence and (or) rosette formation methods were performed. FcR were present on most human megakaryocytes and platelets. The Ia antigen was detected on a proportion (10-15%) of human megakaryocytes but it was undetectable on human platelets. CR1 was found on 20-40% of mouse megakaryocytes and also on a proportion of mouse platelets. These differentiation markers may be of use in monitoring megakaryocyte maturation.

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