Integrin/ligand binding evokes tyrosine phosphorylation of various proteins. We reported previously that a 105 kD protein (pp105) was tyrosine phosphorylated by the engagement of beta 1 integrins in T lymphocytes. We show here that pp105 is a novel p130Cas (Crk-associated substrate)-related protein. Deduced amino acid sequence revealed that pp105 contains conserved motifs with p130Cas, and both pp105 and p130Cas bind to focal adhesion kinase (pp125FAK) and Crk. However, pp105 has a clearly distinct structure from p130Cas, and pp105 is preferentially expressed in lymphocytes, whereas p130Cas is expressed in adherent cells. With these findings, we designate pp105 as Cas-L, lymphocyte-type Cas. Furthermore, we demonstrate that integrin/ligand binding results in the recruitment of Crk, Nck, and SHPTP2 to pp105. These findings further define the roles of pp105/Cas-L and pp125FAK in the integrin-mediated signaling pathways.

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