Vol. 203, No. 6, June 12, 2006. Pages 1435–1446.

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A portion of text from the third and fourth sentences under the subheading “Innate IL-4/IL-13 is required for Th2 cell accumulation in the lung” was erroneously deleted. The corrected sentences appear below.

However, accumulation of Th2 cells in the infected lung tissues was 10-fold reduced in the IL-4/IL-13/TCR-Cα–deficient recipient mice as compared with the TCR-Cα–deficient recipient mice. Because adoptive transfer of T cells into T cell–deficient mice can lead to homeostatic proliferation and differentiation of donor T cells, which might influence the outcome of the experiment, similar experiments were performed in nonlymphopenic mice after reconstitution with antigen-specific CD4 T cells.