Vol. 205, No. 2, February 18, 2008. Pages 271–274.

Please note that two errors appeared in the online early release version of this article. The current html, pdf, and print versions appear correctly. For reference, the corrections are listed below.

In the third sentence under the subheading “A role for other toxins?,” the word “consistent” appeared as “wconsistent.” In addition, in the third sentence of the second paragraph under the subheading “Virulence factors and immune evasion,” the word “proteins” should have been “molecules.” The corrected sentence appears below:

S. aureus makes several molecules, including protein A, serotype 5 or 8 capsular polysaccharide (CP5 or CP8), and clumping factor A (ClfA), which inhibit phagocytosis (12–14).