Excision of both carotid sinuses, with or without section of cardio-aortic inhibitor fibers, was not followed by a significant change of femoral mean blood pressure from the normal. This procedure did not interfere with the development of hypertension produced by renal ischemia. There was no significant difference between the levels of hypertension due to renal ischemia in animals with both carotid sinuses previously excised and in those with both carotid sinuses intact.

In one of three animals with hypertension due to renal ischemia, in which the elevated blood pressure had gradually subsided, there was a slight and only temporary reelevation of pressure after excision of both carotid sinuses. In the other two animals, excision of the carotid sinuses had no effect on the blood pressure. In all three, however, increased constriction of the renal arteries caused significant and persistent reelevation of the blood pressure.

The carotid sinus has no demonstrable influence upon hypertension caused by renal ischemia, although in such animals it probably plays the same part in the regulation of blood pressure as it does in normal animals (7).

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