Reconstitution of phage-neutralizing activity was observed after admixture of separated L and H polypeptide chains of purified antibodies obtained from single sheep or guinea pigs and directed against f1 and f2 phages. Hybrid mixtures of complementary chains of antiphage antibodies and γ-globulins of the same animal showed less activity than the homologous mixtures of chains from antibodies of the same specificity. 7S interspecies molecular hybrids could be formed between L or H chains of sheep γ-globulins and the complementary chains of guinea pig γ-globulins. In contrast to the results obtained within a single animal species, mixtures of L or H chains of antiphage antibodies from one species with the complementary chains of antibodies to the same phage from the other species showed slight or negligible potentiation of neutralizing activity.

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