Genetic nonresponder guinea pigs incapable of an immune response to DNP-PLL alone were immunized with DNP-PLL complexed to ovalbumin or bovine serum albumin. Under these circumstances the animals produce both anti-DNP-PLL antibodies and antibodies directed against the conveyor albumin. Thus immune response to DNP-PLL complexed to conveyor albumin molecules can serve as a simple model of hapten-carrier relationships. To explore these relationships the question whether these two types of antibody are synthesized by the same or by different plasma cells was investigated by a combination of a double immunofluorescent technique and radioautographic localization of radioactive antigen.

It was shown that the anti-DNP-PLL antibodies and the antibodies against the carrier albumin molecule were produced in separate cells. No cell-producing antibodies with both specificities were detected out of 526 cells studied.

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