Peripheral blood lymphocytes were isolated from normal mice and mice undergoing pertussis-induced lymphocytosis. After labeling in vitro with tritiated uridine the cells were transfused into normal or pertussis-treated mice. It was found that the lymphocytes from pertussis-treated mice entered the lymph nodes of both normal mice and pertussis-treated mice to a significantly lesser extent than did normal lymphocytes which had been transfused into either class of recipient. In addition, an interdependence of changes in the various body compartments examined was found when normal lymphocytes were injected into either type of recipient. However, when pertussis lymphocytes were injected into normal mice there was no interrelationship between the changes in the node with those in the blood, liver, lung, or spleen. In the case of pertussis lymphocytes transfused into pertussis-treated mice no interrelationship between any two compartments was observed. It was concluded that in pertussis-treated mice there is an inhibition of lymphocyte emigration which is primarily the consequence of an effect on the cell.

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