The cell-mediated lympholytic capability of mouse spleen cells stimulated in mixed lymphocyte culture is related to the major histocompatibility complex genotype on target lymphocytes. The strain combinations AQR-B10. T(6R) and B10.A(4R)-B10.A(2R) that result in significant mixed lymphocyte culture activation do not mediate cell-mediated lympholysis on sensitizing target lymphocytes; serologically defined regions (H-2K and H-2D) are identical within each combination. H-2K or H-2D region disparity alone does not cause cell-mediated lympholysis. However after mixed lymphocyte culture activation as seen with B10.A-B10.T(6R), a target cell bearing only an H-2K region difference from the effector cell is sensitive to cell-mediated lympholysis. Likewise an H-2D region difference is an adequate target after mixed lymphocyte culture activation of the effector cell in the combination B10.A(2R)-B10.D2.

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