We have demonstrated in an anti-Ia serum the presence of specific antibodies reacting with T cells, as well as with B cells, using a highly sensitive dye exclusion test. This antiserum reacts with both spleen and lymph node in a characteristic biphasic titration curve killing up to 70% of these cells. It also reacts with cortisone-resistant thymocytes. The A.TH-α-A.TL serum can be absorbed with spleen, lymph node, cortisone-resistant thymus, or normal thymus cells. Further in vivo absorptions in BALB/c nude cannot remove all of the cytotoxic activity for normal BALB lymph node lymphocytes, while completely removing the activity for nude cells. A Thy-1 positive cell line derived from a C57Br leukemia is reactive with this anti-Ia serum.

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