Four families with C2 deficiency were studied. Among eight HL-A haplotypes involved with C2 deficiency, five were HL-A 10,W18. Three homozygotes for C2 deficiency from different families were mutually nonreactive in mixed lymphocyte cultures (MLC) and the heterozygotes from the fourth family failed to react to the homozygous cells. It appeared that identical MLC determinants were associated with all the genes from the different families that related to C2 deficiency. Further experiments identified the MLC determinant, LD-7a, as being involved. These results suggest marked linkage disequilibrium between the genes for C2 deficiency and the major histocompatibility complex (MHC). Studies of possible recombinants have offered tentative evidence for the positioning of the locus for C2 deficiency with respect to other segments of the MHC.