Three variants of the gp70 envelope component of MuLV are now recognizable serologically: GIX-gp70, 0-gp70, and X-gp70. The last of these, X-gp70, has so far been found only in mice or cells producing abundant C-type virus. This distinguishes X-gp70, provisionally, from the GIX-gp70 and 0-gp70 variants, each of which can be expressed on normal thymocytes without accompanying virus production, as exemplified by mouse strains 129 and B6, respectively. The X-gp70 genotype, however, is not limited to strains of mice-producing abundant virus, because X-gp70+ leukemias occur in strains of mice which do not produce a great deal of virus and whose thymocytes and other tissues are X-gp70-; this is analogous to the appearance of GIX+ leukemias in GIX- mouse strains.

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