Long surviving, passively enhanced (AS X AUG)F1 kidneys carried by AS recipients were retransplanted into (AS X WF)F1 second hosts. Acute graft rejection did not occur. Only one of six secondary recipients mounted a significant T-dependent IgG lymphocytotoxic antibody response. In all six, generation of cytotoxic T cells was markedly slower and depressed. These results are compatible with the hypothesis that kidney parenchyma, although carrying major histocompatibility complex specificity is able to induce T-independent but not T-dependent alloimmunity. A corollary is that passenger cells are responsible for exciting the T-dependent allimmune response normally observed after grafing. The practical difficulty of eliminating all T-dependent immunogenicity from (AS X AUG)F1 kidneys was emphasized by the observation that a 3-d residence in an intermediate AS recipient was insufficient time to prevent acute graft rejection after retransplantation.

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