T cell hybrids have been constructed between the BW5147 thymoma cell line and A/J splenocytes from mice suppressed with the p-azophenylarsonte hapten. Three independently derived cloned lines have been chracterized. Each secretes or sheds a 62,000-dalton antigen-specific product bound by rabbit antisera directed against the arsonate cross-reactive idiotype. In addition, each of the antien-specific molecules contains determinants encoded within the I region of the murine major histocompatibility complex. Peptide mapping analysis indictes that, whereas these molecules are remarkably similar, each is individually distinct in primary structure. The availability of cloned T cell lines that produce antigen-specific idiotype-positive I region-containing products should facilitate a more thorough dissection of the interrelationships of T-B interctions in the arsonate idiotypic system.

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