The malignant disease produced in guinea pigs by intradermal inoculation of line-10 was allowed to progress to stage II, at which time the dermal tumor and the first draining lymph node were grossly evident. At that stage, the external appearance of the next draining lymph node was normal, but it contained tumor cells. Limited surgery consisting of excision of the dermal tumor and first draining lymph node was not curative; palpable metastases developed in the second and other draining lymph nodes, and at autopsy, some animals were found to have gross, visible lung metastases. Immunization of guinea pigs with a mixture of irradiated syngeneic tumor cells plus mycobacterial cell walls in an oil-in-water emulsion eradicated tumor cells remaining in lymph nodes after limited surgery for stage II experimental cancer and prevented progression of the disease to stage III. Tumor intravenously implanted in the lungs of animals after limited surgery for stage II disease was also eliminated by immunization.

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