This study describes long-term-cultured lines and clones of cytotoxic T cells (Tc) with specificity for determinants of the Igh-1(b) immunoglobulin allotype. These Tc clones were initiated by repeated stimulation of immune spleen cells from BALB/c mice with an Igh-1(b)-producing myeloma, and then they were maintained in medium supplemented with mitogen-induced growth factors in the absence offurther antigenic stimulation . The lytic potency of these clones was 30-100-fold greater than the primary cultures from which they were derived, and specificity studies showed them to be lytic for Igh-1(b) targets and not for targets expressing Igh-1(a) or Igh-4(b), nor the lipopolysaccharide blasts . Finally, soluble preparations of Ig were tested for their ability to block lysis of labeled Igh-1(b)-expressing targets. The results showed that Igh-1(b) and not other immunoglobulin allotypes or isotypes could block lysis, and that the mechanism of lytic inhibition is due to Igh-1(b)-induced autolysis of the killer cells.

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