Biological and serological characteristics of a helper factor secreted by cloned hybridoma cells was described. The factor is carrier specific and contains determinants shared with immunoglobulin VH bu does not react with V kappa- or V lambda-specific antibodies. Presence of four H-2I-controlled antigenic specificities,, Ia.m2, Ia.17, and Ia.m7, was detected. Hence, it is possible that both A beta and E alpha loci may be involved in its control. Helper effect could be obtained only toward B cell sources that shared the H-2K and I-A antigens with the hybridoma cells. Similarly, the factor was absorbed only by spleen cells syngeneic in I-A. Previous studies have demonstrated that this clone binds antigen in an H-2-restricted manner. It follows that H-2-restricted helper cells produce H-2-restricted helper factors. Hence, they support the view that specific T cell factors may represent secreted T cell receptors.

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