We have examined the abilities of helper T cells from commercially available (CBA/N X BALB/c)F1 (NBF1) xid male and phenotypically normal female mice to help T15+ and T15- B cells to produce thymus-dependent phosphorylcholine (PC)-specific direct plaque-forming cell responses. Carrier-primed T cells from both male and female mice were found (a) to restore T15+ TD responses in congenitally athymic BALB/c mice, (b) to help PC-primed BALB/c splenic B cells produce predominantly T15+ responses, and (c) to provide help for T15+ and T15- PFC responses generated by PC-primed normal F1 splenic B cells. Furthermore, carrier-primed irradiated xid and normal recipients contributed adequate helper activity for T15 dominant responses. We therefore conclude that male and female NBF1 mice are equally capable of helping T15+ responses.

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