We established three distinct monoclonal antibodies (7C5, 7D1; IgM and 6A4; IgG1) by the fusion of P3U1 and BALB/c (Igh-1a) spleen cells hyperimmunized with T cell blasts from the immunoglobulin heavy chain (Igh) allotype congenic CB-20 (Igh-1b) mice. The 7C5 or 6A4 antibody reacts with the constant region determinants on the antigen-binding molecule (Ct) of the antigen-specific suppressor T cell factor (TsF) or augmenting T cell factor (TaF), respectively. The 7D1 antibody, however, recognizes the shared determinants on the Ct molecules of TsF and TaF. Genetic studies of determinants recognized by these monoclonal antibodies have also suggested that the distinct Ct molecules of TsF and TaF are encoded by two discrete genes linked to the Igh-1b genes, which are located on the right side of the variable genes of Igh on the 12th chromosome. By using the immunoadsorbent columns of 6A4 antibody and anti-I-Ab, TaF, in a manner similar to TsF, was demonstrated to be composed of two chains, i.e., the Ct molecules and the I-A-encoded products. Furthermore, the Ct-bearing molecules were shown to possess the antigen-binding moiety.

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