In these studies CR 1 polymorphism previously demonstrated on erythrocytes (E) was also found on CR 1-bearing peripheral blood leukocytes including polymorphonuclear (PMN), eosinophils, monocytes, and B lymphocytes. However several cell-specific differences in CR1 were found: (a) an approximately 5,000-dalton increase in CR 1 on PMN and eosinophils, (b) unequal band intensity among heterozygotes suggests that there is preferential expression of 220,000- or 225,000-dalton receptors on leukocytes compared to E, and (c) "minor" bands, approximately 15,000 daltons larger than the major receptor molecule, were found on E but not on leukocytes. These observations constitute a unique example of heterogeneity of an integral membrane receptor.

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