Hyperimmunization of BALB/c mice with concanavalin A-stimulated blasts from the Ig allotype-congenic strain, C.B20, results in the production of antibodies reactive with T cells in an allotype-restricted manner. Spleen cells from these hyperimmune BALB/c mice were used to generate a panel of hybridomas that secrete monoclonal antibodies, reactive, in an allotype-restricted manner, exclusively with T cells subpopulations, and in particular, reactive with suppressor T cell hybridomas and their secreted soluble factors. Two functional classes of antibodies were identified: those that react with single polypeptide-chain suppressor T cell factors (TsF1) and the suppressor T cell hybridomas that produce such factors, and those that react with two polypeptide-chain suppressor T cell factors (TsF2) and their corresponding suppressor T cell hybridomas. These two classes of antibody were used to isolate molecules from the membranes of the respective suppressor T cell hybrids that are functionally and structurally related to the secreted suppressor T cell factors, suggesting a receptor function for these molecules.

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