Secreted IgM was shown to contain truncated mu (mu') chains with an apparent molecular mass of approximately 55 kD. The estimated percentage of IgM heavy (H) chains in the mu' form ranged from less than or equal to 1% in the case of one tumor IgM protein (104E) to greater than or equal to 30% in normal serum IgM. Serum mu' chains lacked antigenic determinants characteristic of immunoglobulin variable regions and showed a restricted isoelectric focusing pattern compared with that of conventional mu chains. Intracellular mu' chains were readily detected in bone marrow cells but not in spleen or lymph node cells; mu' chains were also detected in IgM-producing tumor cells and in a hybridoma cell line that deleted its productive mu allele. These results predict irregularities in IgM structure and recall an old controversy concerning the valence of IgM molecules.

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