In this study, we identified a population of dendritic cells (DC) that exists throughout human and mouse pulmonary tissues, including the trachea, bronchi, alveoli, and visceral pleura. In human tissue, these DC were shown to be positive for HLA-DR and T200 antigens. In the mouse, the DC expressed not only Ia and the T200 antigen, but also Fc-IgG and C3bi receptors. Unlike alveolar macrophages, the DC were negative for nonspecific esterase staining and shared ultrastructural similarities with the DC described by Steinman (1), and with Langerhans' cells, even though they did not contain Birbeck granules. We were able to demonstrate that mouse pulmonary DC function in antigen presentation, as observed with the other DC. Thus, the respiratory tract contains DC that are capable of functioning in antigen presentation and that may be important in pulmonary immune responses.

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