HLA-DR4, Dw4-associated haplotypes associated with IDDM and JRA were compared using genomic DNA restriction fragment analysis to distinguish among DQ beta and alpha alleles linked to DR4. DQ beta polymorphisms that subdivide the HLA-DQw3 specificity into DQ3.1 and 3.2 alleles were identified. More than 90% of DR4+ IDDM patients express one of these alleles, DQ3.2; restriction enzyme mapping indicates that the presence of this allele also accounts for the genomic fragment patterns previously reported in IDDM. Furthermore, haplo-identical siblings of DQ3.2 IDDM patients also carry the DQ3.2 allele, regardless of clinical presentation. In contrast, DR4+ JRA patients show no allelic preference at DQ beta, implicating different HLA genetic contributions in these two DR4-associated diseases.

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