We found that the synthesis of IgE anti-Ars antibodies is strongly inhibited by the presence of secondary non-IgE-producing cells that are specific for the Ars hapten. Such B cells can be induced by inoculation of a protein-Ars conjugate in CFA. The effect is seen after inoculation of OVA-Ars in CFA followed by KLH-Ars in alum, or, more convincingly, after adoptive transfer of B cells induced by antigen in CFA. Dose-response data indicated that inhibition can be effected by B cells containing noninhibitory numbers of contaminating T cells. Possible synergistic effects of carrier-specific regulatory T cells were ruled out by using a different protein carrier for immunization of donor and recipient mice. The effect was shown to be specific for the hapten used for immunization of donor mice.

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