This is the first report demonstrating that C3d receptor (CR2) has functional activity in regulating complement cascade. Purified CR2 was examined for its cofactor activity in factor I-mediated cleavage of membrane-bound iC3b. CR2 plus C3b inactivator (I) released C3c from EA 125I-iC3b, and the release was inhibited when CR2 was preincubated with OKB7 monoclonal anti-CR2. Furthermore, immunoelectroblotting analysis showed crossreactivity of CR2 with 57H anti-CR1. These results indicate that CR2 has functional and antigenic similarity to CR1, thus providing a supporting evidence for placement of CR2 as a member of the recently defined gene family of C3- and C4-regulatory proteins composed of CR1, C4-binding protein, and factor H.

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