We have investigated the genetic relationships between the human decay-accelerating factor (DAF) and a group of complement components including the C3b/C4b receptor (CR1), C4-binding protein (C4bp), and factor H (H), to which DAF is structurally and functionally related. CR1, C4bp, and H were previously demonstrated to be encoded by a cluster of closely linked genes, which we have designated regulator of complement activation (RCA). Southern blot analysis of genomic DNA using a DAF cDNA probe unraveled the existence of restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) for both Bam HI and Hind III restriction endonucleases. Segregation analysis of these polymorphic fragments in families informative for the segregation of alleles at the CR1, C4BP, and H loci (RCA-haplotypes), demonstrated that, in humans, the gene encoding DAF is located within the RCA gene cluster. No recombinants between DAF and C4BP/CR1 were encountered in 32 informative meioses. In addition, in two individuals showing recombination between the CR1/C4BP and H loci, DAF segregated with the CR1/C4BP segment. Thus, the DAF gene maps closer to the CR1/C4BP loci than to the H gene, from which it can be separated by genetic recombination.

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