The cytokine NAP-1/IL-8 is produced by a variety of different cells in response to inflammatory stimuli and elicits several biological responses from PMN. Experiments presented here demonstrate that PMN exposed to NAP-1/IL-8 expressed increased amounts of CD11b/CD18, as well as CD11c/CD18 and CR1, on their cell surface, while expression of Fc gamma RIII and HLA-A,B,C remained essentially unchanged. Increased CD11b/CD18 and CD11c/CD18 appears to correspond with the release of specific granules by NAP-1/IL-8. NAP-1/IL-8 was also a potent stimulator of several of the binding activities of CD11b/CD18. Ligation of EC3bi by CD11b/CD18 was rapidly enhanced by NAP-1/IL-8, but phagocytosis of the ligated particles was not induced by the agonist. In addition, enhanced binding of EC3bi was observed in the absence of an increase in receptor expression as shown with PMN cytoplasts. NAP-1/IL-8 promoted additional adhesive interactions between CD11b/CD18 and the biosynthetic precursor of LPS, lipid IVa, fibrinogen, and endothelial cells, suggesting that NAP-1/IL-8 may promote leukocyte adhesion in vivo that could lead to recruitment of PMN to sites of tissue inflammation.

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