The CD45 transmembrane protein tyrosine phosphatase plays an essential role in lymphocyte activation. In humans, CD45 is composed of five isoforms that are generated by alternative splicing of three exons of a common precursor mRNA. Expression of the smallest molecular mass 180-kD CD45 isoform (CD45-O) results from splicing out of exons 4(A), 5(B), and 6(C), which encode peptide regions near the NH2 terminus, and is regulated during T cell maturation and activation. Two monoclonal antibodies (mAb), UCHL1 (anti-CD45RO) and A6 (anti-CD45RO-like), were studied that selectively bind to murine transfectant cells expressing the human CD45-O isoform. The anti-CD45RO-like A6 mAb, but not the anti-CD45RO UCHL1 mAb, also weakly reacted with transfectant cells expressing the human CD45 isoforms that contained exons 4 and 5(AB), or exon 5(B) encoded sequences. The structural basis of the antigen specificities of these two different human anti-CD45RO mAbs was investigated at the molecular level by using potential glycosylation-defective CD45-O isoform variants containing amino acid substitutions at the junction of exons 3 and 7. Replacement of the threonine residue at position 8 (last amino acid encoded in exon 3 and a putative O-linked carbohydrate anchorage site) by an alanine, completely abrogated the reactivity of the UCHL1 mAb, but did not affect that of the A6 mAb. Conversely, replacement of either the asparagine at position 174 or the serine at position 176 (the first two putative carbohydrate anchorage sites in exon 7) by alanine, abrogated the reactivity of the A6 mAb, but not that of the UCHL1 mAb. Both the UCHL1 and A6 epitopes were dependent on the presence of O-linked carbohydrates; and the UCHL1, but not the A6 epitope, was dependent on the presence of sialic acid. These results demonstrate a pivotal role for the amino acids encoded at the junction of exons 3 and 7 for the generation of glycosylation-related CD45RO epitopes that are expressed in a cell lineage- and activation-regulated fashion.

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