A hamster monoclonal antibody (mAb) recognizing an epitope in the V gamma 1-J gamma 4-C gamma 4 chain of the gamma/delta T cell receptor has been generated. Using this mAb, we have quantitated the occurrence of V gamma 1-bearing gamma/delta T cells in the developing thymus and in the lymphoid organs and several epithelia of adult mice. The V gamma 1-expressing cells constitute a minor gamma/delta T cell subpopulation during fetal and early postnatal life, but they constitute a major population of gamma/delta T cells in the thymus and in the peripheral lymphoid organs in adult mice. In addition, we found that V gamma 1-bearing cells comprise a large proportion (15-60%) of the gamma/delta T cells present in the intestinal epithelium (i-IEL) in all strains of mice tested. V gamma 1+ i-IEL are present in athymic (nude) mice and in antigen-free mice, demonstrating that they can develop extrathymically and that their presence in the intestinal epithelium is independent of the antigenic load of the gut. Our results show that V gamma 1-bearing lymphocytes account for the largest population of gamma/delta T cells in the mouse. This population includes a thymus-dependent component that homes to the secondary lymphoid organs and a thymus-independent component that constitutes a major fraction of the gamma/delta i-IELs.

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