Oberdoerffer et al. Vol. 197, No. 9, May 5, 2003. Pages 1165–1172.

Due to a typographical error, M. Maruyama's name was misspelled in the acknowledgments as M. Maruyaina. The corrected acknowledgments section appears below.

We thank F. Alt, C. Bassing, and M. Kraus for critical reading of the manuscript; C. Goettlinger and T. Schneider for cell sorting; B. Hampel, A. Egert, V. Dreier, D. Gerlich, A. Roth, and C. Uthoff-Hachenberg for technical help; S. Casola and M. Maruyama for helpful discussion; U. Storb for providing Igλ cosmid DNA; S. Weiss for L22.18.2 mAb.

This work was supported by grants from the Volkswagen Stiftung and the National Cancer Institute (POI CA92625-0).