Vol. 201, No. 5, March 7, 2005. Pages 755–767.

The authors regret factual errors in the Table IV footnote and the Fig. 6 legend. Table IV footnote b should have read: “Titer 1:100.” The Fig. 6 legend contained a mistake in the second sentence. The corrected legend appears below:

Figure 6. Circulating IgG from patients with sarcoidosis binds to recombinant mKatG and mHsp65 protein. Protein immunoblots with recombinant mKatG (A) or mHsp65 (B) were analyzed with the sera of healthy PPD (N), PPD+ (P) subjects or sarcoidosis (S) patients corresponding to Table IV. Arrowheads demark migration of mol wt markers (top to bottom: 188, 62, 49, and 38 kD). Arrows demark ∼80- and ∼60-kD antigenic bands reactive to mKatG or a 65-kD band reactive to mHsp65.