Vol. 205, No. 4, April 14, 2008. Pages 853–868.

Please note that an error appeared in the online early release version of this article. In the first sentence of the Materials and methods section, PI3Kp110α−/− appeared incorrectly as PI3Kp110δ−/−. The current html, pdf, and print versions appear correctly. For reference, the full corrected sentence is below.

Lyn−/− (Lyn-KO), Syk−/− (Syk-KO), Btk−/− (Btk-KO), Blnk−/− (Blnk-KO), PLCγ2−/− (PLCγ2-KO), Vav3−/− (Vav3-KO), BCAP−/− (BCAP-KO), PI3Kp110α−/− (PI3K-KO), IP3R(triple)−/− (IP3R-KO), PKCβ−/− (PKCβ-KO), Lyn−/−Syk−/− (Lyn/Syk-KO), and WT DT40 B cells were used (31).