1. The blood chemistry of normal adult rats and of splenectomized adult rats suffering with Bartonella muris anemia has been studied.

2. Non-protein nitrogen rises with the increase in severity of the anemia. Total serum proteins, serum albumin and serum globulin decrease slightly. Uric acid remains unchanged.

3. Serum chloride concentration remains unchanged, but the concentration of chlorides in the blood increases.

4. An acidosis as estimated by the carbon dioxide-combining capacity of the blood is observed at the height of the infection.

5. The blood sugar decreases and the liver glycogen is depleted in rats with a hemoglobin content of the blood of 10 per cent.

6. Total fats and fatty acids are increased at the height of the anemia. Total cholesterol, the lipoid phosphorus and lecithin are diminished in amount.

7. These changes result from the infection or the anemia. Splenectomy itself plays no part in the changes observed in the chemical constituents of the blood in Bartonella muris anemia of adult albino rats.

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