Carboxymethyl, α-carboxyethyl-, α-carboxy-n-propyl-, α-carboxyisopropyl-, α-carboxy-n-butyl, α-carboxyisobutyl, α-carboxyamyl-, benzyl-, and ß-phenylethylkeratemes were prepared from the parent protein, reduced keratin or kerateine. Chemical analysis disclosed that the various compounds differed in their isoelectric points and solubilities depending on the nature of the substituent group introduced. In general, it was found that in so far as could be determined, nearly all of the available sulfhydryl groups were substituted, while no detectable substitution of the free amino groups of the proteins occurred.

The results of the serologic studies revealed that the kerateine derivatives acquired a new immunologie character dependent on the nature of the introduced determinant group. Inhibition tests confirmed the results obtained. Evidence was also produced to show that the grouping

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may play a rôle in some of the reactions observed.

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