1. Extraction of finely ground fresh hog kidney with distilled water adjusted to pH 7.8 with sodium hydroxide, followed by successive treatment, as described, with trichloroacetic acid and acetone, gives renin in good yield of a purity suitable for physiological studies and a good starting material for further purification. It contains 15 dog units per mg. N.

2. Further successive purification of this material with ethyl alcohol and ammonium sulfate gives a preparation containing 130 dog units per mg. N. The purest preparation hitherto reported (15) contained 16.0 to 20.8 units per mg. N. Preliminary Tiselius electrophoresis studies suggest homogeneity, but further studies to establish purity are in progress.

3. The properties of the most purified renin indicate that it is a protein. Its chemical and physiological properties correspond to those of the material in crude renal extract which induces an elevation of blood pressure when it is injected intravenously.

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