The concentrations of the components of the respiratory chain were determined in a variety of intact skeletal muscles by a method of spectrophotometric observation of the transmitted light. In the case of the toad sartorius, these measurements were checked against isolated mitochondrial suspensions prepared from toad skeletal muscles. The relative concentrations of the respiratory components were found to be in reasonable agreement with those of various mitochondrial preparations of mammalian tissues and of the ones from toad skeletal muscle. The rather low cytochrome b and pyridine nucleotide levels in the anoxic minus oxygenated difference spectra were shown to be caused to a certain degree by a partial reduction during the resting steady state. Upon treatment with a strong, reducing agent or after long anoxia some absorption bands appeared with maxima at 591, 562 to 564, and 432 to 434 mµ both in the intact and in the mitochondrial fractions of muscle tissue; they do not appear to be associated with the respiratory chain.

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