1. By measurements of the diameter and velocity of leucocytes and of the particles in two carbon suspensions, the relative rates of ingestion of the two suspensions by the leucocytes are predicted and the predictions verified experimentally.

2. The results indicate that 4.7µ particles of carbon are ingested as readily as 3.2µ particles. The more rapid apparent rate of ingestion of the 4.7µ particles is due to their greater availability rather than the greater capability of the leucocytes.

3. There is almost no phagocytosis of carbon in absence of serum or in heated serum.

4. The clumping of unwashed leucocytes is accllerated by serum and by the ingestion of carbon.

5. The available evidence indicates that the phagocytosis of bacteria does not follow the law for a monomolecular reaction, possibly because of the toxic effect upon the leucocytes of bacterial extracts.

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