The membrane potential of frog sartorius muscle fibers in a Cl- and Na-free Ringer's solution when sucrose replaces NaCl is about the same as that in normal Ringer's solution. The K+ efflux is also about the same in the two solutions but muscles lose K and PO4 in sucrose Ringer's solutions. The membrane potential in sucrose Ringer's solution is equal to that given by the Nernst equation for a K+ electrode, when corrections are made for the activity coefficients for K+ inside and outside the fiber. For a muscle in normal Ringer's solution, the measured membrane potential is within a few millivolts of EK. This finding is incompatible with a 1:1 coupled Na-K pump. It is consistent with either no coupling of Na efflux to K influx, or a coupling ratio of 3 or greater.

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